Sakura cold hearted fanfiction. In which Naruto is the one who runs and Sasuke does the chasing. Naruto’s blood crusted hair hung low over his tearing eyes. 26, 2019. At this rate not even Kakashi would be able to keep up with him for long. Luckily for them Naruto´s destination was only a day away. The blond was still wearing his twisted and maimed Anbu armor. Sakura was busy hugging a rabbit plush she'd spotted. AU The two most powerful Clans in history, the Uchiha and the Senju, have been fighting against each other for years. Running for your life is another. Sakura then wonders if she can do anything for him. Blood rushed loudly in her ears and her heart threatened to leap out of her chest with every beat. Sakura was in a similar state, just that she was still speechless. Gaara x child reader Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios first time lemon 20 hours ago · — Billie Jean King (@BillieJeanKing) July 13, 2019. She woke up a few hours back and remembered that someone took her when she noticed that Aki wasn't with her. Nov 19, 2021 · Avengers x Reader Avengers x Reader Steve Rogers Tony Stark Bucky Barnes Loki Thor you were across the room talking to a group of beautiful women you didn’t Discover short videos related to wattpad avengers x Search: Annabeth falls in love fanfic Naruto becomes kami fanfiction When Ino finished her tirade, Sakura unclenched the fist she didn't realize she was making. He frowned, looking down at his bag like it would magically appear. His expression seemed to harden for a second, but as soon at it appeared, it was gone. The bloody, dark and gruesome war has dragged on for far too long. Hermione granger or known as Hermione Malfoy. com 7 Nov 2013 lemon pnglineyandere natsu x reader, a fairy tail fanfic fanfictionc Yandere x reader lemon forced wattpad read yanderemori x reader xnbsp Đọc truyện Yandere Female Kaa x Male Reader Yandere SK harem x Shy male reader - Eg Boy Soriano Jan 27, 2021 · Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna 23 minutes ago · Centuries being left alone and exploited left Y/n feeling cold hearted and empty. Now the first chapter of so cold. Sasuke likes tomatoes. Until one day, two members of the Clans meet unexpectedly and, without meaning to, they manage to make a deal to reach peace An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works A Cold Heart (A Gray Fullbuster x Y/N Story) (A Fairy Tail A. They were carrying goods to the next village. That and training. Even though that was impossible, because she had received a blow to the heart, not physically. Tsunade leaves it to Sakura and Naruto to take care of the baby but what they soon find romance orochimaru jiraiya +10 more # 14 Caged Demon by Elizabeth Vounce 132K 4. Sakura was glaring at him. 5 more-" Suddenly a knock on the door is heard from outside. Two people are training together at the forest. Sakura forced her eyes open, scared there would be a bright light to attack the pain inside her head. Naruto searched for his water canister in his bag but forgot to pack it. Li of course found this to be immature and did voice it. 9 Kakashi couldn't help but snicker at the scene before him. Mission: Baby by Swagkura 54. Cold-hearted to all except one. 27156円 YASEking 10ピースの調光対応LED COBダウンライト5W 7W 9W 12W 15W 20W 30W 40W 12W 15W 20W 30W 40Wの陥没シーリングランプAC110V 220Vダウンライトスポット照明ホームの装飾 (Body Color : White, Emitting Color : Cold White) ホーム&キッチン 家電 照明 電球・蛍光灯 LED電球 Gaara x child reader 23 minutes ago · Eyeless Jack X Creepypasta Reader 61. Your nothing but trash" spat Sakura. Sakura had become somewhat cold and distant over the past years. They just wanted protection just in case of an attack. You're talking crazy!"replied the cold-hearted boy, trying to shake Sakura off. “Hang on Kiba it will be ok”. She looked at him with pure anger and slapped him on the face, hard. 2K 24 He, Chat Noir, poured out his heart to the only one, who he loved and adored, to his Lady. m. "HUH? Sakura had a few run-ins with Naruto, but she noted that he was never really the same. "Yeah, it probably is" "That you would marry me!"she screamed. Sasuke grows up determined to step out of his brother's shadow and be recognized for his own merits. The glares and whispers of hatred and derision that seemed to have bled over into the younger generation was sometimes unbearable to him. She knew—with utmost certainty—that Ino was correct, but the heaviness in her bones as she struggled to produce the words to respond was convinced Sakura reached into her bag, pulled out an empty water canister, filled her water bottle, and took a drink. {Other End Of The Portal} Naruto stepped out, to see he was out of the Hidden Mist Village, and the Land of Water entirely. The team had to escort a couple of villagers to the next village over. U. Kakashi's team ended up getting that mission. They were amazed, to say the least. For a young boy, full of innocence and life, to grow up in an environment that denied your very existence and even went as far as to encourage suicide, it was enough to break most people. "stated Naruto looking at Sakura with cold cerulean blue eyes. "she said. Again she shows her caring side for naruto. Recovering, Sakura heard something stir to her right. Browse through and read hermione x pansy fanfiction stories and books Best friends with Draco Malfoy and originating from one of the most respected pureblood families out there, she seemed cold hearted. NaruSaku Broken Chapter 1. Naruto grabbed the necklace from his neck, and shoved it at her, a pleading look in his eyes. ) An ice witch/wizard is known for the super magical ice powers that have been taken. Sakura's caring heart, tightens at the thought of Naruto's pain and suffering. For that, the Fairy Tail wizards have to face great and 9 hours ago · SasuSaku Betrayal FanFic by Akarui-Sakura on DeviantArt Naruto Naruto highschool dxd fanfiction naruto is neglected by his family Rias just sat in the chair Naruto is saved by kyuubi fanfiction (Mar 26, 2021) Naruto gets abandoned by his family and gets tortured by the villagers. Broken Petals {Sakura Haruno} 118K 4. Tightened fists, twitching eyebrow, fidgeting feet, Sakura migh as well have been broadcasting to the world that she was pissed off. Sakura wanted to make him pay, to make him feel the pain he had made her feel. 14 years ago, when she was about 5, her clan got attacked by rogue ninja's, and she was the only survivor. That's strong enough to even fight demons. She knew—with utmost certainty—that Ino was correct, but the heaviness in her bones as she struggled to produce the words to respond was convinced Back with the young group and Yukito. He hoped that she would accept him, that she will also love him, or at least like him a little more than a friend. 9 hours ago · SasuSaku Betrayal FanFic by Akarui-Sakura on DeviantArt Naruto Naruto highschool dxd fanfiction naruto is neglected by his family Rias just sat in the chair Naruto is saved by kyuubi fanfiction (Mar 26, 2021) Naruto gets abandoned by his family and gets tortured by the villagers. She didn't want to move in fear. And So Our Story begins. He never stopped for food or sleep, he just drank a sip of water every couple of hours and kept going. Kishi planned this scene to show readers that Sakura is taking priority in Naruto's feelings instead of her own, and that she's doing unconsciously. Not sure if When Ino finished her tirade, Sakura unclenched the fist she didn't realize she was making. Sakura and Kakashi had been following Naruto for a day now. The pink haired girl talking to the black haired boy telling him how she loved him and wanted to be with him through everything standing by his side no matter where he went. He had been incredibly surprised at the sight of Naruto, but he had gone speechless after he heard him talk in such a cold manner. He watched on as Sakura Haruno hugged Sasuke Uchiha tears going down her face. She wants to help him, but always feels like she can't help enough. "WHAT, YOU THINK THIS MAKES IT ALL BETTER? YOU WISH FAILURE" she screamed, crushing the necklace in her fist and dropping the fragments to the ground. When Ino finished her tirade, Sakura unclenched the fist she didn't realize she was making. She's sakura get rejected by Sasuke and is heartbroken she changes the way she feels about him and everyone else. It has been a few days since team 7 returned from their mission from the land of waves. He told her just how much he loves her, how he always thinks of her, how he cannot imagine any kind of future without her. Grabbing hold of him and hugging him as tears went down her face. His heart is ice when death lays in the palm of his hand. 4K 1. Sakura pretended to welcome Kakashi, but her body language was so obvious that everyone in the room sweatdropped. Reaching for a dream. It s used for saving other people. But behind every great, powerful man lies an even greater wom Lorelei Everly is the human equivalent to a faerie; a beautiful girl hidden deep within the woods, isolated from the outside world of the chaos and unruly. "Well", Luna said, "it's time to face my parents. "Yo," he greeted them. Aug 11, 2019 · Native American women have been targeted with high rates of violence, murder, rape and disappearance for centuries. She handed it out for him to take. (This is an Itachi love story, the rights of the story belongs to me, though I do NOT own Naruto) Cold yet Lonely eyes - Itachi and minor Deidara love story Naruto actually eventually assassinates Sasuke. 8K 27 Everyone has never expected her to be strong. Naruto on the other hand was looking at the sign. She knew even though that she couldn't make that happen, she still wanted him to get hurt, even if it's just a sliver of what pain she had to go through. Naruto seemed to take satisfaction in her sudden discomfort. she becomes a cold-hearted girl and now how does Sasuke feels, does he feel bad for what he did or does he like the new Sakura. It felt as he lost himself to pain and would live in that pain. 'Heh heh, that's right, he doesn't remember. Wherever he was, it was still night time, as evident by the full moon in the sky, and he could tell he was in a clearing, due to the foliage that he could see thanks to the moon's light, and that's when he spotted her. That sentiment is at the heart of an ongoing lawsuit filed by State Street in 2019 (to which Visbal has filed a Watch on FIGHT PASS. Looking over the rail was the sole survivor of the Uchiha clan Sasuke. for Cold Hearted Oct 3, 2018 c3 3 TheOddOneIsHere I knew it was the Tora mission the moment you said "Daimyo's wife's prisoner" The wife of the daimyo only has one prisoner: her cat that likes to scratch every single flipping thing Oct 3, 2018 c1 TheOddOneIsHere You forgot. He lifted his head. They were in the middle of an escort mission. After stumbling around and getting bruised, she was able to find her way towards the corner. "You like childish things like this?" Sakura looked to Li annoyed. One of them is a pink-haired girl named Haruno Sakura and the other one is a silent, raven-haired boy named Uchiha Sasuke. Her hands were fastened above her head to the wall, a stone barricade all around her. Naruto had been his excited self. I knew I forgot something,' thought Sakura. However, all that she saw was darkness. , A Labyrinth of Fics, Peldari's Favorite Fanfics, Fics That Make Me Feel Good, Favorite Naruto Fanfics, Naruto Wonderland, My Heart Adores, Hainako's Collection of amazing fanfiction, Storycatchers Best of Naruto pile, FTTN's Favorites, GD's Best Reads, Emmikus best finds on ao3, I Sorted Through Shit And Found "Your endurance and stamina is so horrible that even Ino would beat you. 2021/12/29 Yandere Dating System. I did give him sake all the other times before asking him out. Story by: BellOfSummer (fanfiction. "But you saidno it's stupid. The genin were supposed to meet with their sensei at the bridge to discuss something important. . Sakura refilled her bottle and looked, overseeing his expression. There are some really, really good ones. As she rose in the ranks as a shinobi, she became more and more reclusive and cut off from the world. 2K 17 One night a mysterious figure drops off a baby boy in front of the Hokage's door. "Aw, come on, Sakura-chan! I just need to borrow your bathroom for, like, a minute!" " No way! Go to a bathhouse!" "They wouldn't let me in!" "Go jump in a lake then!" Sakura reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose, her forehead tight with exasperated affection at the ridiculous situations the boy brought into her life. Her life became routine; work at the hospital, go on missions three times a week, throw in some assassinations, and train. Chapter One: Watching Over Sakura At the fire Country, There's a village called Konoha, a village where leaves are nicely flying with the wind. Naruto is a complete sociopath incapable of caring for anyone besides himself. Chapter 1: Rejected the for the last time. The battered ninja had been trying to keep his partner with him with Flip The Coin by Inrainbowz "When you think about it, Sasuke, we could be standing in each other's place right now" Naruto grows up shunned, hated, without support and full of rage. Naruto doesn't let Sasuke run away from the village and ends up killing him. She knew—with utmost certainty—that Ino was correct, but the heaviness in her bones as she struggled to produce the words to respond was convinced 20: 40 (8:40 p. Naruto turned and looked at Sasuke with cold eyes. "But it's cute!" Sakura retorted while Tomoyo just remained quiet with a smile. A bloody Naruto limped into Konohoa carrying the lifeless body of his partner. ) Sakura was curled within herself by the corner. It was a new beautiful day. Sakura shivered and looked away. "Ron, Hermione, wait When Ino finished her tirade, Sakura unclenched the fist she didn't realize she was making. -BEEP- BEEP- BEEP- "Ugh dammit so tired. Of course Naruto did the usual thing. Ira Takachi is a young girl, who has known nothing but hate and betrayal in her life. VIEW THE LATEST. A pain in her throat let her coughing in agony. Nothing else. Liturgy of the Hours. One day, a demon, Zeref, comes to conquer the Fairy Tail guild.

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